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TALENTS in establishing a new company


In 2005 LOIRET RELOCATION was awarded the Regional Trophy « TALENTS in establishing a new company - service category »




Loiret Relocation LOIRET RELOCATION is a partner of A.V.F.

Association A.V.F. in Orléans (Accueil des Villes de France)
11, rue des Pastoureaux
45000 Orléans
Tél. 33 (0) - avforleans@wanadoo.fr

Loiret Relocation and AVF work together to welcome the families and help them to integrate in the local social life.


Loiret Relocation LOIRET RELOCATION subscribes to ReloQI




Reports from families who have recently move with the help of LOIRET RELOCATION :

    " Thanks to Loiret Relocation I saved a lot of time to search a place to live, to settle down and to discover the city. All the useful addresses that I needed were given to me very quickly : gym, cinemas, theatres, doctors, events, outings... Within a month I felt very integrated in this new city. To sum up Loiret Relocation service I would say: reactivity, efficiency and quality of service. Thank you Relocation. "   Fanny M.

    " Loiret Relocation took care of all the unpleasant parts of searching a place and I just had the nice part of choosing my apartment. "   Sonia C.

    " Loiret Relocation is indispensable for a successful transfer. Thank you for your professionalism and your availability. "   Julien N.

    " Thank you for your advice, and your excellent knowledge of the city "   Aurélie F.

    " I did not have much time to organize my installation. With Loiret Relocation I found exactly what I wanted in two afternoons. Loiret Relocation also simplified the administrative process and gave me a lot of information about the city. Thank you very much. "   Hélène M.

    "Thanks to you, Veronique, for your precious help when I arrived in Orleans, a city that was totally unknowed to me"  Magalie D.

    "I thank you for your help and your availability which have greatly eased our settlement in the region" Jacques G.

    "A combination of high quality services, always in line with my expectations : from the delivery of the city map to the performance of the arrival inspection. Many thanks !" Isabelle H.

    "Starting from scratch, I did not believe I would be able to move within three weeks. Congratulation for the performance" Jean-Pierre J.

    "On my own with 2 years old children, I had a couple of weeks to find a flat and a nurse. With the service and the expertise of Loiret Relocation, I have benefited from a dedicated assistance" Veronique D.

    "Thanks to Veronique, I made a good start in my business life. Thanks for the advice and the nice flat" Aurélien C.

    "Loiret Relocation : hearty welcome and efficient services !" Christine I.

    "Professionalism and kindness. Congratulations for availibility !" Carole D.

    "Looking for an appropriate house in a new and unknown area is not easy.Thanks to Loiret Relocation :  we have saved a lot of time in looking for our new residence. Your sensible and acurate advice and your great availability have been very helpfull for our research and our integration." Ghislaine B.



Loiret-Relocation - 1 Chemin de l'Eglise - 45800 COMBLEUX - loiret-relocation@neuf.fr - SIRET 433 535 390 00028 


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